All of our beauty treatments are far too extensive to list, but we cover virtually all aspects of beauty, from eyelashes, piercings and teeth whitening, through to complete pamper days.

With our vast experience of treatments and products, we can discuss your requirements and help advise on the most effective treatments for your particular needs. We use the very best products available and the latest proven techniques to help ensure our customers gain the utlimate benefits.

For those seeking special occasion treatments, we can provide Bride (and Groom) packages, or customised packages to suit virtually any occasion.

We have a brand new range of anti aging treatments including the VISAGE Illumination LED treatment. LED light therapy has shown to be effective for the treatment of several aspects of skin aging. Multiple studies have demonstrated improvement of fine wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, tactile roughness and swollenness. These results are supported by both collagen production and increased proliferation.

LED Light Therapy is a ground-breaking new technique used in skin and facial treatments. The lights penetrate the layers of your skin to inspire collagen to grow, assist with skin restoration and provide anti-bacterial qualities to fight the scars left behind by acne.

This is a safe and effective solution that has a multitude of benefits, to reduce and prevent fine lines, improve skin elasticity; Stimulate the production of collagen and skin tightening; Inhibit the formation of melanin pigment; Kill bacteria, virus, stimulate circulation, eliminate acne, pimples.

Why not give us a call to discuss any particular enquiry you have? - you'll be amazed at how flexible and affordable we are - we offer a full mobile beauty service covering the Rossendale area.


Nail Treatments
Mini Manicure from 10.00
Mini Manicure with Polish from 15.00
Mini Manicure with Cuticle Work from 15.00
Full Luxury Pamper Manicure
(includes nails - mask - hand massage - polish)
from 30.00
French Manicure With Buff & File from 20.00
French Manicure with Basic Manicure from 25.00
Basic Pedicure from 15.00
Mini Pedicute with File & Polish from 20.00
Luxury Pamper Feet
(includes hard skin footwork)
from 30.00
Luxury Pedicure
(includes parafin wax - polish - foot massage)
from 40.00
NSI Nail Extensions from 30.00
CND File & Polish from 10.00
Twinkle Toes from 20.00
Twinkle Toes with Glitter Acrylic Powder from 20.00
Twinkle Toes with Shellac from 20.00
Shellac Nails with Mini Manicure from 30.00
New Chroma Nails With Mini Manicure from 20.00
Gel Overlays on Natural Nails from 10.00
from Basic Polish from 7.00
NSI Acrylic Glitter Nails from 30.00
Full Set of Gel Nails from 30.00
IBX Nail Strengthner from 15.00
Full Body Wax from 40.00 - 60.00
Full Leg & Bikini Wax from 30.00
Full Leg Wax from 30.00
Half Leg Wax from 20.00
3/4 Leg Wax from 20.00
Full Arm Wax
(includes hands)
from 15.00
Half Arm Wax
(includes hands)
from 10.00
Hollywood Wax from 20.00
Full Brazilian Wax from 20.00
Manhattan Wax from 15.00
All Inclusive Wax from 25.00
Back Wax from 20.00
Chest Wax from 20.00
Henna Eye Brow Tycoon from 25.00
Eye Brow Re-shape with Wax from 8.00
Eye Brow Re-shape with Thread from 8.00
Eye Brow Shape Wax or Thread from 7.00
Face Wax & Eye Brow Shape from 15.00
Upper Lip Wax from 5.00
Upper Lip & Chin Wax from 8.00 - 10.00
Under Arm Wax from 7.00
Lower Body Wax from 30.00
Shoulder Wax from 5.00
Ear Candles
Hopi Therapy Candles With Mini Facial from 25.00
Hopi Ear Candle
(course of 6)
from 145.00
(patch test required)
from 25.00
Visage Illumination
(patch test required)
from 15.00
Visage Illumination with Facial
(patch test required)
from 20.00
Collagen Lift
(patch test required)
from 25.00
Mini Facials
(includes 2 cleanses - tone - mini massage)
from 20.00
Full Hour Express Facial
(includes 2 cleanses - tone - deep scrub - luxury massage - mask)
from 35.00
Steam Facial
(includes 2 cleanses - tone - mask - scrub - acne treatment)
from 40.00
Acne Facials from 20.00 - 35.00
Gold Diamond Facial from 40.00
Gold Diamond
(course of 8)
from 280.00
High Frequency Facial rom 35.00
Crystal Clear Facial from 35.00
Crystal Clear with Collegen Mask from 40.00
Teenager Facials from 20.00
Anti Ageing Facials from 30.00
Deep Relaxing Facial
(includes Indian head massage)
from 50.00
(includes light pulse technology - acne treatment - anti ageing)
from 40.00
(includes collegen mask/facelift - acne treatment - anti ageing)
from 50.00
Diamobrasion course of 8 from 240.00
Microdermabrasion from 40.00
Microdermabrasion course of 8 from 280.00
Caci International Non Surgical Facelift from 50.00
Caci Facelift
(course of 12)
from 450.00
Caci Facelift
(course of 12 with pure Collagen miracle mask)
from 550.00
New Natural Papayas Facial Blended With Honey from 30.00
New Luxury Facial With 24ct Gold from 45.00
New Diamond Tip Abrasion With 24ct Gold from 50.00
Microdermabrasion with mask
(anti ageing wrinkle improvement)
from 40.00
Hot Towel Facial with Crystal Clear Mask
(amazing results)
from 40.00
Full Body 1 hr Swedish Massage from 40.00
Full Body 1 hr with Junior Masseur from 25.00
Full Body 90 mins Head to Toe Massage
(includes indian head)
from 50.00
Full Body 60 mins Aromatherpay Massage from 40.00
Full Body 90 mins Aromatherapy Massage with Facial from 50.00
Thai Full Body 1 hr Massage from 40.00
Deep Tissue Massage 1 hr from 40.00
Hot Stone Massage 1 hr Full Body from 40.00
Hot Stone Therapy Back & Shoulders 30 mins from 25.00
Indian Head Massage 30 mins from 20.00
Indian Head Massage 45 mins from 25.00
New Deep Tissue Vibration Massage With Hot Oil (30 mins) from 25.00
New Deep Tissue Vibration Massage With Hot Oil (45 mins) from 35.00
Reiki Relaxation To Promote Healing from 20.00 - 25.00
Hair Removal
Electrolysis 15 mins from 20.00
Electrolysis 1 hr from 30.00
Hair Reduction
IPL Upper Lip from 20.00
IPL Upper Lip
(course of 12)
from 200.00
IPL Upper lip & Chin from 30.00
IPL Underarm from 30.00 - 35.00
IPL Bikini from 50.00
IPL Full Face from 50.00
IPL Neck from 30.00
IPL Back of Neck from 30.00
IPL Half Legs from 85.00
IPL Full Arms from 95.00
IPL Half Arms
(includes fingers)
from 75.00
IPL Full Chest from 99.00
IPL Full Back from 99.00
IPL Half Back from 50.00
IPL Half Chest from 50.00
IPL Fingers from 25.00
IPL Hands from 20.00
IPL Toes from 15.00
Eye Treatments
Eye Package
(includes brow & lash tint - shape)
from 20.00
Eye Lash Perm with Tint from 25.00
Eye Lash Perm with Eye Package from 40.00
Eye Lash Tint from 10.00
Eye Lash Root Lint and Tint from 30.00
Brow Tint from 6.00
Longer Lasting Brow Tint from 8.00
Individual Party Lashes from 15.00
Thicker Looking Lashes from 20.00
Semi Permanent Luxury Lashes from 30.00 - 35.00
Full Bleach Face from 10.00
Make Up & Pamper Packages
Eye Make Up
(smoky eyes)
from 10.00
Party Lashes from 15.00
Bridal Make Up from 50.00
Pamper Packages from 30.00
Prom Packages from 30.00
Bridal Packages from 50.00
Ear & Nose Piercing from 15.00